Top 6 reasons to live in Penticton


The top 6 reasons to live in Penticton, in paradise.

For years, Penticton and the South Okanagan have been a highly desired go-to destination for travelers that have come far and near to enjoy the natural beauty that Penticton has to offer. The city has continued to grow more and more in recent years, and it now offers something for everyone and every lifestyle, not only for tourists but for those residing here both young and old.

Here are just six of many reasons why you may want to call Penticton your home.

Live in Penticton for – the weather

Who doesn’t love a little sunshine? No list of reasons to move to Penticton is complete without mentioning the weather. Summer temperatures soar into the high 20s, and the average winter highs hover around the 0-degree mark, making it a pleasant change from other cities across Canada. Along with this, Penticton’s temperatures stay dry with little humidity, making the climate welcoming for those who suffer from arthritis. If that weren’t enough, Penticton receives nearly 2,000 hours of the sunshine per year!


Live in Penticton for – the lakes

In Penticton, we are fortunate to enjoy not only one lake but two. On either side of the city, we have two breathtaking body’s of water, Okanagan Lake, and Skaha Lake. These beaches have proved to be not only a tourist attraction for years and years but also a reason why so many choose to reside and stay in Penticton.


Live in Penticton for – the wine

From just the northern edge of  Penticton through the village of Naramata alone stretches some 1.5 Kilometers of vineyards with more than 24 licensed award winning and world class wineries. In fact, there are hundreds of licensed wineries located within a 1-hour drive from the city and several located within the city itself.  Wineries such as Poplar Grove Winery, Hillside Winery & Bistro, Upper Bench Winery are favorites that will leave you wanting more, just to name a few. If wine isn’t exactly your thing, you can also enjoy the many new craft breweries and distilleries that call the Okanagan home such as Bad Tattoo Brewing Company and The Cannery are just two of many fan favorites. You can also indulge at the spectacular restaurants that have opened up in this wine-loving, agricultural paradise.


Live in Penticton for – the arts and culture

Throughout our city, it is evident that Penticton has a love for both art and culture. In addition to Penticton’s Art Gallery, the city’s downtown core has become bright filled with many cafes and local bistros that feature local art. Cafes such as Saint Germain Cafe Gallery and The Bench Market both feature new art pieces each month, along with The Dream Cafe who feature local singers to perform regularly is a truly unique experience, allowing Pentictonites to enjoy the art and music of locals in the community.

Live in Penticton for – the activities and sports

You can’t help but notice how active the city of Penticton is. When the sun is shining, the sidewalks and boardwalks of both Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake will be filled with people out for a relaxing walk, a bike ride, jogging with their dog, reading a book on the park bench or sipping a glass of wine on the patio. In the winter time, a short 45-50 minute drive to Apex Mountain Resort, is the perfect place to enjoy a family skate, an afternoon on the slopes or perhaps just a relaxing evening enjoying the view with that special someone. Penticton has recently become the hot spot hosting many concerts, sporting events, and hockey games at Penticton’s very own South Okanagan Events Center, home to the Penticton Vees. Penticton is also home to the famous Peach Festival and parade, Elvis Festival, Challenge Triathalon and the Peach City Beach Cruise.


Live in Penticton for – the piece of paradise in your backyard

Whether you choose to live anywhere from nestled on an acreage in Penticton, or close to the action of the downtown core, Penticton will offer you a unique piece of paradise to call your own. From sipping a glass of Okanagan Valley wine on your patio, watching The Penticton Vees score a goal, or enjoying a family dinner at home, Penticton will make you say ‘home sweet home’ like never before.


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View from Hillside Winery Bistro – Photography by: Francesca AmanteBlack –