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I’ve Teamed Up With ROYAL LEPAGE PENTICTON to offer my clients the best in service, name, and reputation.

Royal LePage Penticton has the largest office, and not only by the number of realtors, but we have over 50% market share. What does this mean to you? Over half the homes bought and sold in Penticton come through our the Royal LePage Penticton office. I will likely have the scoop on these new properties before agents in competing brokerages. We are powerful and productive, with over 55 agents and a non-competing managing broker.

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    1. #1 in Penticton

    Royal LePage is #1 in Penticton and the South Okanagan and has been #1 for over 30 years.

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    2. Operating for Over 30 Years

    Royal LePage – Locations West Reality has been operating for 30+ years in the Penticton area. With a reputation for professionalism, fairness in dealings,and proven sales achievements second to none.

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    3. Sells over 50% of listings

    Market share – Royal LePage sells over 50% of the listings in the Penticton and area. We have a large team of realtors and great training and marketing tools exclusive to our office.

Royal Lepage Penticton can successfully market your property across Canada and the world.

Royal LePage has its own website with one of the highest traffic levels in the Canadian Real Estate Industry.

Royal LePage | Locations West Realty | 2015

  • Royal LePage | 53%
  • No. 2 Brokerage | 21%
  • No. 3 Brokerage | 11%
  • No. 4 Brokerage | 7%
  • No. 5 Brokerage | 3%
  • No. 6 Brokerage | 3%

53% Market Share

Our team sells more real estate than all our competitors combined.

Royal LePage Locations West Realty has been #1 in Penticton for 34 Consecutive Years

Office Strength

Over 55 agents with a combined 100‘s of years of experience

Wednesday morning meetings are great:
Greeted by our NON COMPETING broker ROGER LOVE with over 40+ years of real estate experience, past resident of the board and hereon referred to as *the man himself.

  • The man himself gives us market updates, trending issues in the province, real estate, the local economy and city issues. He brings in relevant industry speakers such as asbestos guys, City inspectors, RDOS personnel , CMHC or Genworth head honchos – you name it. If it’s relevant we get a presentation on how it affects our clients and business
  • Go through the week’s new listings in Penticton and area (often before they are available to the public or other brokerages (hereunto referred to as “the public”)
  • Go through the price changes being submitted to our office (before they go public)
  • Take a look at the sales, what sold, who sold what, any stories, war wounds, obstacles, we can learn from each other!
  • Look at our tour list

We head out on our Office Tour and physically preview the new listings (I always go on the tour, I cannot say the same for all of our agents but it is a pretty good turnout and in MY CLIENT’S best interests that I know my products). In attendance of our meetings we have a minimum of one lawyer, quite often 2 lawyers, and a mortgage professional at the end of our meeting when all the doughnuts have been consumed and coffee has chugged we each have an opportunity to discuss buyers we are working with, sellers homes that are coming on, what are kids are selling in school, local fundraisers or whatever we choose to share and tell to keep the office production up and the occasional bad joke

That’s just Wednesday…

Exclusive Offers

A talking window….yes its a dated method of listing exposure but we have lots of retirees poking about looking at the pictures and sauntering in for further details. We have three wonderful ladies up front maintaining the phones and clerical work. We also have three amazing ladies at the back working on making sure all the papers are filled out correctly and nothing is missing. We have a wonderful support team. There is often a mortgage broker lingering about the hallways chanting about rates and the mortgage world and one hallway over under the same roof we have our lawyers poised for attack of the real estate agents armed with questions and soliciting advice for our people!

We are like a little family – we play, we fight and we live in wine country so you can put the pieces together and, the end of the day, we are living in the sunshine Okanagan and its pretty relaxed and easy going!

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Convenient Office Location. Royal LePage Locations West is located at 484 Main Street in Penticton, BC

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