The best homes have been well lived in.

The best land, the largest parcels… (wait for it)…


And the people who owned those homes suffered through interest rates at 18%. They weren’t
watching home reno shows, they didn’t have Pinterest, and they weren’t looking to flip their

Now, these homes have older cabinets and appliances that look ancient because they didn’t
need to be replaced every 1.7 years. They may be sponge-painted hideous colours, with
panelling and beadboard.

These homes have amazing proximity to town and amenities, and a view that will leave you
breathless. But they’re not yet renovated. This is an opportunity for you to put your own stamp
on it!

I do find it interesting to see what sells for $1.5 million without even a yard (and yes, I’m guilty
of profiting as a listing agent of these homes).

But personally, I’m way too forgetful with my grocery list to live 15 minutes out.

With 2 little kids in different sports and activities, that kind of distance just isn’t an option.

I need convenience, and the ability to grab maple syrup in a 10-minute return trip before my 5-
year-old changes his mind on eating breakfast.

I also want privacy.

I can be social, but maybe not in a yard with six other homes looking in on me……

SO, when a house with a great location comes available, here’s my advice:

1. Build your own equity
2. Don’t pay through the nose for someone else’s reno that’s not really your taste
3. Enjoy an amazing yard—with some privacy

Think about a family moving to Penticton. They like a busy lifestyle with easy access to the KVR
trail and enjoying a few rounds of golf at the 9-hole course. They want to grab a Starbucks, float
the channel, run to and from the beach, watch games at the SOEC, and maybe even take in a
billet or two.

They can have their kids attend the Okanagan Hockey School summer camps, and be able to watch their kids walk to the park at the end of the
street. That kind of Okangan  lifestyle is well worth the deferred maintenance – time to build some sweat equity and call yourself a Penticton Local!