Okanagan Wine Fest

Thanks to a client and friend of mine, Mason Spinks, I attended the Okanagan Wine Fest on Saturday. Mason Spinks also happens to be the amazing wine maker at See Ya Later Ranch! This event is truly my favorite local event of the year. You have the choice of Friday or Saturday night; tickets were $60.00 and for 3 hours you can sample tons of local Okanagan Wineries and their selected whites and reds. Your ticket includes a wine glass, chocolate and a taxi ride home. All three came in hand! It was great to taste so many award winning wines and find some new favorites.

I went to this event with good friend and fellow Realtor, Mike Maguire, his vivacious and gorgeous girlfriend Katie, my friend Adam and his beautiful, funny girlfriend, Mandy Cole. I highly recommend attending this event next year. It always turns out to be a great time with amazing wine and amazing friends.