Okanagan Falls

The Falls

My ‘Little Man’ (aka Lucas) and I were visiting with a couple of long-time Okanagan Falls’ residents recently and, after fussing over Lucas for quite some time, the discussion quickly turned to the benefits of living in The Falls.

These two spry seniors who are now into their early 60s first came to The Falls 40 years ago when they were both 24. And, the two are adamant they made the right call opting for a smaller community than the much larger center immediately north at the opposite end of Skaha Lake. Although the now-retired couple worked in the Peach City, they thought it best to raise their family outside the lure of the ‘big city’ although it would mean countless hours of commuting.

And, they say, it was all worthwhile and with their kids out of the house for some time now they remain enjoying The Falls’ lifestyle.

The two believe they have it all in their ‘paradise’ away from the hustle and bustle of life elsewhere. For them, The Falls’ attributes are seemingly endless. There is the soft, sandy Skaha Lake Beach; a beautiful children’s playground where many grandparents enjoy time with their cherished little ones; the KVR trail which begins in The Falls and heads northward; the historic Grey Sage Hotel and the countless wineries where time can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike and the famed Tickleberry’s, an ice cream parlor which is in a class by itself, and, of course, let’s not forget the orchards, nor the proximity to many area golf courses.

I was quite pleased to hear the comments from the two seniors who are now into their fifth decade of living in The Falls. Their thoughts are a testament of what the good life in the Okanagan is all about, as far as I am concerned.