Kitchen and Baths Sell Homes

Thinking of selling? Want to maximize your return on simple renovations. Where do you start and how much do you spend?

The answer for this decade is Kitchens and Bathrooms. Kitchens and Baths sell homes!!
I call these lipstick renovations.

  • DO If you have outdated appliances that can be replaced for $1,000 or less (like swapping a beat-up old fridge for a basic new one). DO IT!   If you don’t have a dishwasher, go to Sears and pick up a cheap model for under $1,000.
  • DO invest in cabinet re-facing if your cabinets are extremely outdated.  Consider painting the boxes and changing the hardware for a fresh clean look.
  • DO hire a professional cleaning company such as La Maison Verte to come in and make what you have sparkle.
  • DO declutter the counters. A disorganized kitchen is a buyer deterrent. Clean up the counters and pare down counter-top items to essentials, such as a plate of cookies and tea pot.
  • DO keep your pantry and cabinetry clutter-free too. You don’t have to alphabetize your cereals – a potential buyers will probably open those cabinets, so they won’t want a cheese puff falling smoking them on the head.
  • DO add some colour to your breakfast bar or dining room table. A colourful vase with a tasteful flower arrangement, try Carl’s Flower Shop on Front Street, their arrangements are classy and economical. (plus they didn’t tow me the other day when I was illegally parked in their spot while having a nibble at Gypsy Heart.) Thanks Carl!

In the Bathroom

  • DOreplace dated bath and shower fixtures; this can be done quite inexpensively. For instance, if you have an old icky showerhead, replacing it with a large, rainwater-style model will lend a subtle spa-like quality without costing a lot.
  • DO freshen up a focal point: the vanity area. Invest in a big mirror and put bright lights over it. A  nice new faucet is well worth it.
  • DO add a little life to the wall, with a simple, straight-lined wood or stainless-steel floating shelf with a few candles on it. It’s an elegant, boutique-hotel touch that doesn’t cost much. Toss down a colourful floor mat. Bathrooms are often devoid of color; this is a great way to add a warm hue.

POINT: Seems self-explanatory … yet how often we see investment properties either ‘over’ renovated or worked on in the wrong areas.