Fencing the Yard and containing the critters

Little Miss Renovation again. You may or not know this but I have 2 large dogs, Merl and Karma. They are lovely huge animals that have lots of animal and human friends, but if you approach my home they will scare the living daylights out of you! They are only capable of licking someone to death as soon as they enter but their bark and energy is extremely intimidating.

Everyone walking by and the neighbors have been so kind but I think I is time I nipped this one in the butt. I am constantly running to the corner of my chain link fence and hauling Karma who is 70lbs in by picking her up.  Or standing at the door screaming TREAT TREAT to get Merl, the slightly challenged larger 80 lb dog in. As entertaining as it is for the walkers, mailmen and dog owners, the barking is getting old and I think a privacy fence would be a great solution for all parties involved. I want to have tea in peace in not run around in my Pajama’s hauling Bull Terriors into the house with the snow coming and a rot tilled yard, the time has come!

I received my quote from a fencing company and considered hiring them for the job. But a friend of mine came over and mentioned that they were at a stall on a project and could do the fence for me in his off time. This turned out to be a much more economical solution, so we went and ordered all the fence panels from P&E Lumber. I was so eager to stop picking up 70lb dogs while neighbors gave me funny looks as we are about the same size. So P&E  had delivered the lumber within 3 hours with smiles! They guy looked and Craig, Kate and I and said I will need to helpers. I knew that I was no help at all and Kate just grinned while Craig said she could hold her own and would be the third. Phewf, I am not a labour intensive spirit. So within a week or 2 when the ground was soft enough the Krate show. (Craig and Kate) had my front yard fence up and solidly secured. I could no longer see my neighbors and they couldn’t see me. Win Win!!! Craig is so friendly and got to know my favorite neighbor well and looks like the privacy is going to do him some good as well.

While I was away in Banff Craig and Kate finished off the backyard and installed the gate, they were so kind to backfill and make enough room for RV Parking beside the double car garage!

Now it is time to get this yard landscaped and irrigated, ready for the Sunny Okanagan backyard bar-b-que’s it deserves.