2636 Evergreen, Penticton BC

Single Family Home up Witlse in Penticton BC

I am a Wiltse resident myself, with kiddos that attend the Wiltse Elementary School.

Firstly, I have to admit I really wanted to be in the Uplands area, but it was minimum $100k difference in home for that location.

I reluctantly decided to look at homes in the Wiltse area and now I am not sure that I would move away from it!

Here is what I discovered, Wiltse is lit up with the afternoon sun, and there is no “commercial component!”

I liked the idea of Uplands to hit the KVR Trail and bomb around to the downtown core within 4 minute walk, Penticton’s Wiltse area has proven a more residential feel.

I can’t walk to downtown or wineries, that has turned out to be less of a priority as I watch my children grow and priorities align with nature trails, after dinner walks,  hikes, a bike trail out our backyard!

At the end of the newer Evergreen – the City of Penticton recently approved and created a parking lot for world travellers who come up specifically to climb the Skaha Bluffs.

Wiltse is perhaps an additional 4 minute drive to downtown and worth every minute!  This allows me one more song on the way to the office! It is a quicker commute for my Starbucks (tisk tisk) addiction. (4 mins)

We enjoy its’ location – the mountain trails, the cutest ever are the decorated pine trees on winter walks with the kids.

Penticton’s quieter family Skaha beach is 6 minutes away with playgrounds, waterparks, tennis courts and ball fields, the senior centre, pickleball courts and all amenities also 5mins away.

The elementary school is amazing! My kids are loving their teachers, music teacher, and principal Mr. Bond!

If I need something quick, South Main Market is by far the best little local market with same owners for – 20ish years with the most addicting baked goods and is only 3 mins away with no line up and parking right at the door.

Barley Mill is the busiest post covid restaurant- pub with friendly staff and same distance, fantastic Indian restaurant right beside it to0!

The hll if you walk it on the regular – I have seen some benefits!

Home prices in this area are almost all over a million! This one has everything you need to get into this neighbourhood!!! It is under a million and I can personally attest to its a great neighbourhood to call your own!

2636 EVERGREEN DRIVE – MLS details