Values Grow Where People Go

It’s all over Facebook and Twitter. Penticton made Facebook’s top 10 places people want to Travel too. For us locals that is no surprise, we have 2 gorgous beaches, amazing mountains and great people in a small community.

My favorite real estate saying is  “Values Grow Where People Go.”

As a long time local I just love to see that Penticton is continually on travellers’ radar. So many people I sell homes to that are from out of town have childhood memories of camping in Penticton for the summer, or where originally drawn from their kids having attended the Hockey school and just never wanted to leave.

Many people are capitalizing on the opportunity to get into the market when prices are lower and rates are at an all time low.

As an investment real estate is tried and true. Real estate is local in nature. Real estate has a use whether business or personal we all need a place to live and work.  Downpayments are low even for investment properties and someone else can pay down your mortgage. It is difficult for families to find a rental property in Penticton(especially if there are pets involved).

If you live here, or dream of living here it is always a good solid investment to have your own piece of the Okangan!