Sad to see you go

Being a realtor brings with it a variety of interesting industry emotions…

Buying, selling, downsizing, splitting, amalgamating, estate sales, foreclosures…. This wonderful real estate world brings about all sorts of different life situations and as the Real Estate Agent I play a part in these big life moments.
Don’t worry I won’t get too deep here. But, I thought I’d share my conflicting emotion on this last sale.

I have been working with a local talented wine maker for how many years? 1-2? Either way neither of us could actually recall the year but it has been a while! I have really, really enjoyed showing him homes here and there, the good ones or not so good ones, too.

This month we found “the one” and I was shockingly sad when he called to say that we could lift the conditions. My client assured me I would be fine without him….There would be no more eye rolls from the girlfriend who would politely smile and not saying anything about the terrible and the semi-dumps that were presented in a glowing MLS picture.

So with this blog post I wish my extremely talented wine maker luck with his new home close to Kings Park where I hope he and his beautiful girlfriend will join co-ed non-serious-semi-beer-league soccer considering it is just at the end of his street.