Halloween Safety Tips!

It’s that time again, Halloween is just around the corner! While everyone is very excited to decorate, dress up and of course we can’t forget the best part: CANDY and Trick-or-Treating!

And while we are all preparing for a fun evening, I wanted to post some safety tips for kids, not only for big night but for general road safety.

  1. Children under 9 should be with an adult or a responsible older child.
  2. Teach your child to never rely on traffic signals alone – use your eyes and ears to make sure it’s safe to cross.
  3. Always cross at crosswalks, street corners or intersections.
  4. Stay on the sidewalk or path when walking from house to house.
  5. Have a bright colored costume and avoid masks (making it hard for kids to see).

On Monday night, there will be kids everywhere, so for the drivers, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Take EXTRA care.
  2. Drive slowly in residential areas.
  3. Watch out for kids, many of whom may be wearing dark costumes with masks that make it difficult for them to see.
  4. Keep in mind there are a lot of excited kids out there and they may forget simple pedestrian safety rules.
  5. Reduce your distractions and stay alert, that means cell phone usage and loud music should be minimized.
  6. Remember to enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully.

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