Full Duplex in Penticton – 2 blocks to Okanagan Lake


I just listed a full duplex located two blocks from Okanagan Lake. I sold this Duplex back in 2009 to a buyer in Paris France; this was one of my favorite sales as I had never met the buyer. My very first and not last “sight unseen” sale.  I didn’t show the home, but he knew from researching the listing online that he had to have it! As your luck would have it, this client has decided to sell off his Penticton real estate. The Duplex is a great investment property; the tenants are happy to stay.  It’s a corner lot only a few minute walk to Penticton’s downtown core. Even better it’s just a block and a half from my Crossfit gym! Whether you are looking to grab a workout, coffee, beer, glass of wine, bike ride, walk along the beach, catch a Vee’s game or hit up the Saturday morning market, this duplex is one of the best locations Penticton has to offer.


Penticton Duplex Location


The blog will be updated as soon as I count how many steps to the beach. I can’t decide whether or not to take the kids on a walk, borrow or install an app that counts my steps, try to keep track myself,  with all the beautiful scenery I don’t trust myself to stay committed to the “count” …” squirrel!”

Professional photos being taken later today while I attend the Royal LePage Awards, check back soon!

Full Duplex virtual-tour-209781-21 virtual-tour-209781-24