Dori Lionello is taking over the Munday name!

Hi Friends I am now a happily married Lionello. Late last month, on January 27, I married my best friend Paul Lionello. Paul was born and raised right here in Penticton and we plan on living in this gorgeous piece of paradise forever.

We both have businesses that are local in nature and the winter slows down for both of us. Paul, and his brothers, operate their family campground – Wright’s Beach Camp. And, as you all know, I love being a Realtor in the Peach City, my hometown. Our family and friends joined us for a day we will never forget. We had never been to Hawaii and we decided that the winter allowed both of our careers to take off for this event. We chose Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu as our destination to fulfill our desire to be married.

We are both so lucky to have our family and closest friends in attendance. We had 33 beautiful people join us for an elegant, rainy, fun-filled day of laughter and tears. We all enjoyed the most amazing on-site chef as we splashed in mud puddles, got my dress as dirty as could be and united two local families.

Now, the party is over. It is back to work! I am making the change from Dori Munday to Dori Lionello. My new email is going to be really easy for all of you.